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Offshore Company Formation Services in BVI, Cayman Islands, Bahamas, Cyprus, Panama, and Delaware.

We make it easy to set up an offshore company. Use SCG as your company secretary for 1 year and we'll discount the incorporation fee.

Spend more time on your company setup and more time on your growing your business!

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Set up and maintain a company in the Bahamas, Cayman, BVI, Panama or Delaware without needing to book a ticket.

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We’ve streamlined the process to make it quick and easy to get your company off the ground.

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No more dog-eared documents. Store all your most important things on the cloud and access it from anywhere.

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We won’t sting you with hidden fees. It’s one cost to get you up and running.

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No more dog-eared documents. Store all your most important things on the cloud and access it from anywhere.

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Quick and easy incorporation process as we'll do the heavy lifting.

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To get started, simply fill out our online form, upload the necessary documentation, and let us handle the rest. We'll take care of all the registration details of offshore incorporation with the Corporate Registry. That includes providing you with digital copies and completing tasks like:

Transparency is vital to us at SCG, which is why we want to make you aware of the government fees associated with registering your company. These include a name search fee and a government registration fee.

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Company secretary

For an annual fee, we offer ongoing support for standard services associated with company registration in Cayman Islands, BVI, the Bahamas, Panama, and Cyprus:

We incur the following Registry filing fees for you:

Filing fees of particulars relating to Charges:

We can connect you with our legal partners for additional support for legal documentation outside of this scope and any related board resolutions.

Not sure where to begin? Give us your email and we’ll be in touch.

Entrepreneurs love SCGIBC

“Excellent team in SCGIBC who made registering our company in the Bahamas very easy for us, especially considering we were completely new to the Bahamas and relied heavily on them. The process would have taken so much longer had we not engaged SCGIBC. “

“Definitely worth going with SCGIBC! I compared them to 4 or 5 alternatives, and they have a great online platform & benefits. But best of all is their team – they went above & beyond to meet my requirements.”

about certain information?

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What is LTD?

A limited company (LTD) is the most scalable and recommended business structure in the tax efficient jurisdictions.

company secretary

Is it mandatory to have a company secretary?

Every company should appoint a company secretary. This individual will help the directors to prepare and file all necessary documentation to keep the company compliant.

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What is the minimum paid-up capital?

The minimum paid-up/share capital for a company to register in the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman is US$1. Any time post incorporation, the share capital can be increased.

asked questions!

When incorporating your company in The Bahamas, BVI or Cayman, it is as easy as it gets! To begin, we help you  choose your business structure, register your company with the Registry and can assist to set up your corporate bank account. Through SCGIBC, we can assist you when it comes to these requirements.

There are other factors that are involved such as – the number of directors, registered address, number of shareholders, appointing a corporate secretary, auditor and more.

Yes! With the amazing tax benefits, friendly government policies, centralized location and easily incorporation process, the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman are the top tax efficient jurisdictions in the Caribbean when it comes to entrepreneurs choosing it as their location to open or expand their business. To avoid any hassle or uncertainty, foreigners are advised to hire a corporate secretary firm like SCGIBC, who can help them with the whole incorporation process. At SCGIBC, we also provide services like nominee director and registered address.
It is super easy to check whether or not a company is registered in the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman. You would first have to go to Corporate Registry’s search platform and type in the company name that you would like to check. Right after that, if the company is registered, you will get the company’s information that would include – company name, address, Registration Number (RN) and more.

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