Making it easy for entrepreneurs, investors and family offices.

Incorporate your company in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands.

SCG can manage the incorporation fast and easy from registration, appoint company secretary, directorship, and accounting.

Incorporate your company and use SCG as your company secretary

File requests 24/7 and hold all your important documents securely on our secure servers .

From incorporation to annual renewal, registry & share issues and more – our support team responds to all requests within 24-hours.

Register a company


Register a company

Exempt Company

Register a company

Business Company

No more company registration and governance headaches.

Created by entrepreneurs

We streamlined the process to make it quick and easy to register your tax efficient company.

Automated process

No more hard-copies. All your documents are accessible in the cloud from anywhere.

No company incorporation fee

If you appoint us as your company secretary we'll register your company for FREE.

Set up your company without leaving your home

You're not required to travel to set up and maintain a company in the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman.

Transparent pricing

There are no hidden fees. One cost and your up and running. Optional services available.

Incorporate your company now

Quick and easy process as we'll do the heavy lifting.

Get a 15-minute free consultation on incorporating your company in a tax efficient jurisdiction.

Startups love SCGIBC

offshore low tax jusisdiction

Incorporate in Tax Efficient Country

There are many benefits to incorporating in a tax efficient, formally Offshore, jurisdiction. The first benefit is that you can minimize your global tax liability.

Ready to register your company? Get your pre-incorporation checklist here.

Learn everything you need at hand in order to get incorporated low-tax company fast. Not what you’re looking for? Check out our other resources here.



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