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Your resolutions can be signed by your shareholders and directors using e-signatures.

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We absorb external costs for all regular governance activities during the year (and we’ll tell you early when something falls outside of that).

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We believe in a relationship, not one where you pay every time you pick up the phone. Pay one yearly fee and get access to the following common services:

We incur the following Registry filing fees for you:

Filing fees of particulars relating to Charges:

For the preparation of any legal documentation outside of the above scope and any related board resolutions to enact these changes, we will be happy to connect you with our legal partners to support you.

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What does a company secretary do?
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offshore low tax jusisdiction

Incorporate in a Tax Efficient Country

There are many benefits to incorporate in a tax efficient, formally referred to offshore, jurisdiction. The first benefit is that you can minimize your global

company name in bahamas bvi cayman

How to choose your Company name

Before you incorporating in the Bahamas you must finalize your company name. It’s a big decision as the name you choose is so much more

asked questions!

When incorporating your company in a tax efficient country, it is as easy as it gets! To begin, you are advised to choose your business structure, register your company with Registry and set up your corporate bank account. Through SCGIBC, we can assist you when it comes to these requirements. There are other factors that are involved such as – the number of directors, registered address, number of shareholders, appointing a corporate secretary, auditor and more.

Yes! With the amazing tax benefits, friendly government policies, centralized location and easily incorporation process, the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman are some of the top tax efficient jurisdiction when it comes to entrepreneurs choosing it as their location to open or expand their business.

To avoid any hassle or uncertainty, foreigners are advised to hire a corporate secretary firm like SCGIBC, who can help them with the whole incorporation process. At SCGIBC, we also provide services like nominee director and registered address.​

It is super easy to check whether or not a company is registered in the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman. You would first have to go to the Registry’s search platform and type in the company name that you would like to check. Right after that, if the company is registered, you will get the company’s information that would include – company name, address, Registration Number (RN) and more.

about certain information?

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What is the Registry?

The Corporate Registry (Registry) is the corporate regulator of business entities, in the Bahamas, BVI or Cayman.

company secretary

Should I have a corporate secretary?

Corporate Secretary government agencies online, on behalf of their organisations.

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What is a director of a company?

A company director is responsible for managing the affairs of a company. The Bahamas, BVI or Cayman requires a minimum of one director.

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What is a RN?

Registration Number (RN) is a 6 digit identification number that is issued by the government of the Bahamas to all entities registered with the country.

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What does strike-off mean?

Strike-off means deregistering your company. From there, your company will get dissolved.

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What is a Nominee Director?

If you do not have a local resident director, you can appoint us as your Nominee Director.

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